As a boy my feet were often wet. I just love all things aquarium. As I got older I owned a pet store, and then a wholesale business. Then I started an aquarium mail order business “Crackedglass Aquarium”. In 1996 we took our business to the internet and we are still going.

Hello My Name Is Lovel Tippit – I Have Been Keeping Aquariums For 50 years, In That Time I Have Collected Thousands Of Antique Magazines and Books, I want to share them with you.

Before there was electricity aquariums were maintained. Before the advent of the airplane aquarium fishes crossed the oceans. Before the light bulb, beautiful planted aquariums prospered. How did they do it?

I Own Crackedglass Aquarium

At Crackedglass Aquarium we raise about a hundred different fishes and invertebrates.

Before the world wide web we wrote an aquarium history column entitled “Timeline.”

Aquarium history is so interesting! You will see that some of the people behind the fish are sometimes more fascinating than the fish.