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  • Hugo Mulertt

    Hugo Mulertt

    As Hugo and his horse crossed Sailor’s Creek, he must have felt like he was living in a nightmare. The winter would not surrender to the April sun and the enemy would not cease firing. He was so very far from anything that remotely resembled home. That place, “home,” he had left behind in Leipsic,…

  • From Chickens To Guppies

    From Chickens To Guppies

    From “The Aquarium” magazine June 1938 Beginner’s Letter Mrs. Bessie C. RowlyHighland Park Mich. (Prize Award for the Month) I have been a chicken-woman, raised 3500 baby chicks each season, always had on hand around about 600 to 1200 laying hens. Worked like “Old Harry.” Made several trips in to eastern market each week. Got…